Catwalk Cleanse


Enjoy Increased Energy, Mental Clarity and Radiant Skin with the Catwalk Cleanse 

Catwalk Cleanse™ will help you to create healthier habits, renew your mind and purify your body. If this is your first time cleansing the Catwalk cleanse is for you! It's our most popular cleanse as it targets the skin, liver and digestive system. It's perfect if you have little experience with cleansing/detox because it’s easy to follow and it's fun! If you are a cleansing guru, you have the option to step it up for a more extreme detoxing experience. 

All of our meal replacements and functional foods are 100% raw and organic. All of our products are FREE of parabens, SLS, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, artificial colors, flavors, sugar and preservatives. 



What you''ll be doing on the Catwalk Cleanse:  

Following a daily schedule of two detox meal replacements; breakfast and dinner with delicious recipes to prepare your smoothies(requires blender) wholesome food meal plan for lunch, snack, specific supplements taken throughout the day, and two detoxifying body treatments. 

We make it very easy to follow; each program comes with its own step-by-step pamphlet that instructs you from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night. Our detox support team is available by email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you have any questions before, during, or after your cleanse.

The Catwalk Cleanse has 1-3 items that should be refrigerated once they arrive. We ask that you do not purchase any of our detox-cleanses until you are ready to start. Due to the nature of our products, all non-refrigerated items within each detox-cleanse should be stored in a cool, dry, place out of direct sunlight


3, 5, and 10 Day Program Includes:

Uniquely nutrient dense, natural vanilla flavor, energy enhancing, containing antioxidants, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals  as well a high level of functionality and nutritional benefits including dietary fiber. SLEEK is highly digestible making it perfect to assist with the detoxification process. The production process does not use any chemicals. The raw materials are not genetically modified (non-GMO). It is a true vegan protein; a combination of certified, organic, raw, vegan brown rice protein and Peruvian Amazon Sacha Inchi protein. Breakfast and dinner. 

Cleansing alkalizing organic grass juices, with a blend of fruits and berries. Sweet flavor; packed with organic fruits and vegetables, to nourish every system in your body, resulting in sustained energy and mental clarity while cleansing. Includes "Glamour Greens" eco-friendly glass blender bottle.

Dairy-free, delicious moist, creamy coconut beauty bar is immune building, natural soluble, prebiotic dietary fiber. Our Beauty bar will stimulate the cleansing process.

Will help clear up and eliminate bloating, gas, GI Stress and skin problems by providing detoxification support for the liver and gallbladder combined with herbs that aid the liver for elimination of toxins. 

Our colon-cleansing tummy flattening detoxifier fortified with antioxidants that supports and enhances regularity and improves and tonifies your core.

Organic and all natural exfoliating body polish will remove toxins, impurities and dead skin cells, as well as support circulation, for radiant skin from head to toe. This very effective polish exfoliates to smooth your skin's texture, has anti-inflammatory properties, formulated with botanical extracts that will encourage new cell growth. In addition, SMOOTH prepares your skin to better absorb SILK, our Nourishing Body Treatment Spray. 

SILK is made with the richest known source of beta-carotene and provides a skin friendly boost of vitamins, EFA's and minerals. Luxuriate, cellular nourishment for your skin.
Spray-on SILK blends light, and leaves skin soft and glowing! A SUPER antioxidant; SILK was formulated to support the cleansing process. 

Note- Blender and rice, almond or coconut milk needed
Allergen Information: 
Beauty Bars-contains coconut and soy. 
Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs and wheat.
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Catwalk Cleanse Reviews

Do You Have a Success Story of Your Own?  


Catwalk Cleanse by Dorothea

My husband and I chose the 5 day Cat Walk Cleanse for our first time with a cleanse. It was so much easier than either of us thought it would be! Neither of us had any cravings and the Beauty Bars were positively decadent. We finished it a week ago and have made a few of the lunch recipes for dinner several times since. I would definitely recommend it as a great introduction to doing a cleanse. A great way to kick start our commitment to a healthier life style.

Catwalk Cleanse by Renee

I just completed the 3 day catwalk cleanse. As a health fanatic that has tried many different types of cleanses, I found that the catwalk cleanse was very effective. The morning and evening shakes were delicious-- I looked forward to them all day! Glamour greens were a nice addition as I love to keep my system balanced with alkaline greens.
After day one, I noticed lower abdominal pains were gone (from my hormonal cycle) and I felt a lightness but not the extreme hunger pangs from traditional juice cleanses/detoxes. I will definitely recommend this as a simple way to introduce cleanses to those that need a mini clean up!

Catwalk Cleanse by Wendy

I have a new favorite! I went through the 9 Aster Detox but I'm lovin the Catwalk! OMG..the polish exfoliator is so nice. I could use it everyday! I found that I wasn't hungry and really enjoyed the juices in this cleanse. But, the beauty bars were my favorite part of program. AND, I have tons of energy and sleeping better! Two thumbs up for the catwalk cleanse!! 
I've tried all of the following programs and love them all for different reasons. They each have a shake meal replacement for breakfast and dinner, regular food for lunch and snacks in between meals. All of them come with vitamins to supplement the meals and cool skin product too; a skin treatment with a complementary lotion/conditioner.

Catwalk Cleanse By Vicki

I've tried all of the following programs and love them all for different reasons. They each have a shake meal replacement for breakfast and dinner, regular food for lunch and snacks in between meals. All of them come with vitamins to supplement the meals and cool skin product too; a skin treatment with a complementary lotion/conditioner.
7-day DNA Detox - Easiest to do and has the largest variety for the real food lunch meal. The breakfast and dinner meal replacements can be shaken in the bottle provided. For lunches, chose from an a-la-carte menu for food groups: protein, starch, veggie, and fat or use a suggested recipe. Because there are food groups, I like that you can plan and pre-make most lunches for the week to save time. The mask was nice - it took out all the impurities and left my skin soft and glowing with the toning mist.
3-day Catwalk Cleanse - Requires a blender for breakfast and dinner meal replacements. Best tasting shakes of all the programs because fruit is added, but takes time to make. I'd recommend the 5-day instead of 3-day if you can last. 3-day is great if you've never done this before, but you'll want to go the extra 2 days if you make it that far and you can, it's easy! The Beauty Bar was a real treat, I imagine I'd get another on a longer program. The body treatment smells great and left my skin feeling so soft. Wish I could buy the skin silk separately.
6-day Corset Cleanse - On day 2 now. The breakfast and dinner meal replacements can be shaken in the bottle provided. Loved the veggie wraps - it was almost too much to eat. This cleanse is also easy, but has more vitamins/supplements and requires a wait time of 20 minutes after taking the them before you can eat the meal. Not the best for on the go, but a timer can help keep track and take the shake to drink in the car. I can't wait to try the body treatment tomorrow; a day 3 regimen.
I usually drop 3-5 pounds when doing a cleanse, but more importantly feel great afterwards and my eating habits are reset for the better for a good while. Even curbs my glass of wine after work wine habit for a couple of weeks!

Oh! And most importantly...I never feel hungry on this since each program has me eating constantly, but in small portions. By day 2 or 3 when I finally get used to the routine, I actually am feeling satisfied, but the program tells me I have to eat again and I'm always surprised.

For comparison, I've also tried a juice cleanse. It's much easier, even mindless, because it's a drink every couple of hours. The problem is that it didn't teach me good eating habits. When I do the Aster Elliot cleanses, I know what to do when I'm done and it's taught me great eating habits that I can use forever

Catwalk Cleanse  by Carly

This was one of the easiest detox plans I've tried, and am very pleased with the way I feel. I love not being dependent on caffeine in the morning!I even lost a few pounds (great side effect!) This was the jump-start that I needed to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Thanks, Aster!

Catwalk Cleanse   by Theresa

Okay…Here’s the deal…I’m no longer complaining that I’m tired, my friends all want to know “how much coffee” I had, I’m not yelling at my kids at the drop of a hat (but I do yell every now and then!), I feel and act like a kid, I’m better at budgeting my time with my kids, my 6 year old daughter has learned what “no” means and my husband can no longer say “that I’m disconnected” when we are intimate…(TMI)…but you need to know that one girls… Here I am feeling fabulous while all of my friends are slowly deteriorating around me. One friend just had a mini stroke! I’ve told them about my journey… they've seen it. Now all they have  to do is meet with Aster Elliott so they can achieve the benefits that I have. Life is too long not to enjoy it! Thanks Aster! 

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