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Our Natural Detoxifying Cleanses are Effective, Energizing and Slimming!

We offer a unique blend of programs; targeting areas of concern as well as total body cleanses. Our detox-cleanses are a simple, safe and effective path to improved health and vitality! 

All of our meal replacements and functional foods are 100% raw and organic. All of our products are FREE of parabens, SLS, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, artificial colors, sugar, flavors or preservatives. In addition, all of raw materials, natural ingredients and nutraceuticals are NOT genetically modified (non-GMO).

Our programs follow a daily schedule of detox meal replacements, snack, whole food meal plan for lunch, specific nutritional supplements & detoxifying face and body treatments. Our detox support team is available by email 24/7, should you have any questions before, during or after you cleanse.

Aster Elliott's Natural Detoxifying Cleanses are Effective, Energizing and Slimming!

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Do You Feel Tired, Bloated or Puffy....

Do you feel tired, bloated or puffy? Do you have skin issues that you can’t get rid of or fatigue in the middle of the day and just don’t know why? Or, how about aches and pains that you can’t explain? Do you have difficulties with losing weight even though you believe you’re eating healthy? Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night?

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How to Achieve Better Health and Weight Loss from Cleansing

Just like you cleanse your physical body routinely, you must cleanse your emotional body as well. This must be part of your daily routine. The detoxifying cleanses that we provide are a springboard to your renewed good health. Once you complete one of our cleanses,

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Dry skin brushing offers an impressive list of health benefits!


If you’re taking care of the skin on your face, what about the rest of your body? Your skin is the largest organ.  Dry skin brushing offers an impressive list of health benefits.

For starters, increases circulation, exfoliates, reduces water retention, reduces cellulite, reduces stress, improves digestion, and helps kidneys to function optimally.

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