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CANDI CLEANSE by Julie                         

 HEAVENLY BODY by Jess                        

    ASTER DETOX by Ashley                        

  ASTER DETOX by Mackenzie                  

       CORSET CLEANSE by Daniela              


Starlet Detox by Jennifer

Starlet Cleanse is my third cleanse with Aster Elliott and the longest one I have done. I thought 7 days would be a stretch, but it was much easier than I imagined. I was not hungry at all with the shakes and the lunch plans that I followed. What I noticed about this cleanse is how healthy my skin and my hair felt. Even my nails seemed to grow stronger and healthier in just 7 days. Like all Aster Elliott cleanses, I felt the difference in my energy level as well as the bloating that I had been feeling prior to starting it. My clothes fitting better was an extra bonus. I look forward to continuing to eat whole and healthy with this fresh start.


Corset Cleanse by Bridget

I’ve done a few of Aster Elliot's cleanses, but the Corset Cleanse is by far my favorite.  I tried it the week prior to my wedding festivities and I felt amazing!  The schedule is easy to follow and leaves you feeling fuller than a typical juice cleanse.  I am an almond milk convert now too!  The shakes are great, you can eat Chipotle (!) about once during the week, and the increased water consumption contributed to a complete loss of my stomach bloat.  I’ve always had problems with my lower belly (even with a vegetarian, clean, mostly alcohol free diet) and the Corset Cleanse absolutely helped.  I had a tough time removing caffeine the first few days (expect a bit of a headache if you are a latte a day slave like me, :-)), but once I got to day 3, I felt amazing.  I only drink tea now as a result too!   I love this cleanse and cannot say enough positive things about it.  Thanks, Aster Elliot!!!*


Catwalk Cleanse by Dorothea

My husband and I chose the 5 day Cat Walk Cleanse for our first time with a cleanse. It was so much easier than either of us thought it would be! Neither of us had any cravings and the Beauty Bars were positively decadent. We finished it a week ago and have made a few of the lunch recipes for dinner several times since. I would definitely recommend it as a great introduction to doing a cleanse. A great way to kick start our commitment to a healthier life style.*


Sunsational Body Blast by Selena

This was my first Aster Elliott Cleanse. I chose the sunsational body cleanse. I thought I would be hungry all day but to my surprise, I wasn't hungry at all…so much so I didn’t want to eat my snack. I LOVED the smoothies. Also, slept through the night and I hadn’t done that in about 3 months. I usually get up to pee at least one time during the night and I didn’t even do that! I’m usually constipated to the point where I may not go for three days. I was going every day on this cleanse. As for my energy, first day seemed ok, second day really tired but then after that I had a lot of energy. I was moving that weekend so I really noticed my energy. As for my weight, I lost 4 lbs!! Thank you Aster Elliott!*


Duo Detox by Leslie

I purchased the Aster Elliott Duo Detox when it was on sale via Rue La La. Basically I wanted to try and get healthy, lose weight and press the "restart" button on my metabolism. After completing the 16-day Duo Detox cleanse (7-day DNA Detox and 9-day Aster Detox), I'm pleased to say that I've lost 11 pounds. I feel great, am sleeping better and have noticed a boost to my daily energy level. The best part is that I've weaned myself off my three vices -- processed sugar, alcohol and caffeine -- and fruit has never tasted so good. Very happy with my results -- thanks!*


Catwalk Cleanse by Renee

I just completed the 3 day catwalk cleanse. As a health fanatic that has tried many different types of cleanses, I found that the catwalk cleanse was very effective. The morning and evening shakes were delicious-- I looked forward to them all day! Glamour greens were a nice addition as I love to keep my system balanced with alkaline greens.
After day one, I noticed lower abdominal pains were gone (from my hormonal cycle) and I felt a lightness but not the extreme hunger pangs from traditional juice cleanses/detoxes. I will definitely recommend this as a simple way to introduce cleanses to those that need a mini clean up!*


Duo Detox by Tracey

I completed a 16-day program starting with the DNA Detox followed by Astor Detox. The results are amazing and I feel great. I thought giving up caffeine, sugar, wine, diary, etc. would be total hell. It's not at all. Day 3-4 I felt a little off, assuming that was my body going through caffeine withdrawal. I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of food I could eat, the shakes were good and I live near an organic store so I was able to eat all organic. Hardest part was drinking at least 64 oz of water everyday. The detox is very gentle to your system, no bloat or gas. After the 6th day, my energy level peeked, I was sleeping through the night--something I have not done in a while. And, in the end, I lost 13 pounds! I am continuing the lifestyle, drinking protein shakes for breakfast and eating a very sensible lunch and dinner following the menu used for the plan. I plan to do the Astor again in a few weeks. Thank you, AsterElliot, for such a safe, high-quality and easy program to get my life back to a healthy one!*


Candi Cleanse by Sarah

My name is Sarah, and I purchased my candi cleanse via rue la la. I was scared to start the cleanse, and delayed to start removing some of the bad things from my diet to limit my own detox and help the others that may be around me.
I started on a Thursday and finished on a Saturday. I never felt deprived of food, and had no withdrawal symptoms. I can’t believe how great I felt during and after the cleanse. My craving for sugar is still non-existent and I can’t wait to do another one.*


Heavenly Body by Jiah

Heavenly Cleanse = ENLIGHTENED ! ! ! I am new cleanses however, I am not new to cleanses. My how times have changed for the better thanks to Aster Elliott. I am on Day 4 of the Heavenly Cleanse. From the moment I looked up Aster Elliott to the day my box arrived with all the goodies wrapped in a pretty bow to begin my Heavenly Cleanse the experience has been nothing except delight. The first few days I had a slight headache nothing requiring aspirin. My Heavenly Detox spray with addition detox bath had me feeling like an enlightened goddess. The snacks provided and the "REAL" food you are allowed to enjoy, quite help the transition to cleanse while still allowing you to partake in meals with the general public. Finally, I had a reason to try Chipotle. Now on Day 4 I cannot wait to complete the Heavenly Cleanse and the shakes with a dash of cinnamon are just divine. Will follow up once I complete. My eyes are brighter, my body feels lighter and I have been sleeping in absolute peace. I would recommend this cleanse and the Aster Elliott website to all friends, family and general public. Excellent for recharging a healthy diet or ridding the body, mind, spirit of toxins. Thank you so much Aster Elliott.*


Starlet Detox by Shannon

I recently completed the 21 Day Starlet Detox. I chose this cleanse to help my hormones. I turned 40 last year and gained some weight around my hips and stomach. I tried increasing my exercise but felt like the more I worked out the more bloated and puffy I got.
Anyway, the first few days were not easy coming off the caffeine (4 cups of coffee a day). I had a headache and was very, very tired. I emailed Aster Elliot and they said I would feel better by the third or fourth day. They were right! I started to feel really good on day 4. I should add that I had trouble staying asleep at night and halfway through this cleanse I started sleeping through the night!! Amazing! I really liked the meals and I found that I wasn't hungry at all during the day. Bottom line…lost 11 lbs! I am tremendously happy and highly recommend this cleanse. Thanks Aster Elliott*


DNA Detox by Kelli

I recently completed the 14 day cleanse, and have nothing but good things to say about the program and the effects. I have indigestion and bloating issues quite frequently, and the cleanse alleviated a lot of these issues. The effects took shape quickly. By day 4 I was already feeling less bloated and less groggy.  

One thing to note: the plan calls for almond milk but doesn't specify normal or "no sugar added" almond milk. I used the normal almond milk first, and when I felt confident I could reduce my sugar fix further without headaches I switched to sugar free. The no sugar added almond milk definitely made the shakes taste more bland and by the end I was mixing my own concoction of the two and was happy with the resulting taste and knowing I was taking in less sugar. 

I no longer have sugar cravings or caffeine cravings, and I'm digesting normal food perfectly following the diet. The entire program was such a smooth cleanse and I am very happy with the results. I've already referred 3 people to the diet who are trying to cleanse their bodies and pave the road towards healthier eating habits. While on the cleanse I lost 10 lbs and haven't felt this confident about my body in years. I will definitely be purchasing cleanses from Aster Elliot in the future.*


Starlet Detox by Karina

I chose the 14 Day Starlet Detox. I'm on the last day and  I FEEL GREAT! First, they make it crazy easy to follow and when I had a question they emailed me back within the hour. I wasn't expecting to lose weight and I the tune of 8 lbs!! My stomach is where I see the most improvement. My bloating is completely gone and I have so much energy! I also found it easier to fall asleep at night and easier to get out of bed in the morning...always been difficult for me. And, I LOVED the beauty product. This was my first cleanse so I don't have anything to compare it to but for sure will be trying out some of their other cleanses in the future.* 


Candi Cleanse by Madeline 

I initially purchased the Candi Cleanse because I felt like I was getting out of control with my caffeine and sugar cravings. When I was trying to take a break from caffeine, I would reach for something with sugar in it, and when I was withdrawing from sugar, I would reach for something with caffeine in it, usually more coffee. I started feeling sluggish and upset with myself because I am usually so healthy and constantly exercise so I needed to reset asap! 

I chose the candi cleanse because it was only 3 days and I haven't really done a long cleanse aside from the serious need to cut down on consuming sugar and caffeine. 

The first day it was rough because I felt like I wasn't eating enough, when really, it was just taking me a little more time to realize I was full. I did get headaches throughout the first and second day due to the withdrawal, but I got through it with plenty of rest. I also slept through the night which was great, because I woke up the next day feeling rested. 

Throughout the cleanse, any time I felt like I was tempted to cheat, I sat back and asked myself why. I was fully satisfied from what they supplied and I had to come to terms with the fact that these cravings were mental, not physical. 

Now after the cleanse, I feel fantastic, like my old self already! I'm portioning out everything better than I was and am making sure that I am mixing up my meals enough to keep my body guessing. I can also look at any food and not have any cravings! This is fantastic since I am an avid cook and baker and feel like I can go back to doing this because I simply love it rather than needing to be nervous about keeping sweets around. Thank You Aster Elliott for this personal challenge, I feel like I'm truly back to myself!*


Corset Cleanse by Sharon

Finishing the 6 day Corset Cleanse today.  Easy to do, felt great all week and can't wait to do it again.  I am very weight loss resistance and had no expectation to lose weight but did drop a few pounds.  But best of all I felt better.*


Corset Cleanse by Brigid

After some research, I tried Aster Elliot's Corset Cleanse in attempts to detox after Thanksgiving, and to prepare for a bikini-clad Christmas in Costa Rica.  I'd tried and failed juicing before, I love to cook and have a glass of wine, and I have recently had an issue with over-eating.  I embarked on the Corset Cleanse with a committed spirit one hungover Sunday.  The protein shake was just what I needed, and I was happily fed all day long!  (I had a slight headache all day, but I'm going to attribute that more to the hangover.)  I will agree with everyone, though: the second day is the most difficult.  My theory is that the novelty has worn off.  The fun healthy thing you tried yesterday is actually all you're eating for an entire week, and that's a little daunting.  It's easy to push through, though, as there are so many opportunities to eat.  What I would say is more difficult than Day 2, however, is going home and not cooking myself a meal every evening.  The shake is very filling, though, and provided you buy a milk/soy substitute that you enjoy, it is also very tasty.   

I pushed through the week like a breeze and am so happy that I did!  I'm not sure how else to describe this, but I feel cleaner.  I don't miss my wine or my coffee, but might move back to a mildly caffeinated tea.  I will definitely incorporate more raw and whole foods into my diet, as well as mind my portions!  I lost two pounds (which is substantial for someone who is 4'11).  I was still able to work out and my pooch has deflated.  My stomach issues, which were practically an everyday battle, are basically gone.   

My key notes for those about to try the Corset Cleanse is to review the lunch options and buy the foods that you will enjoy eating.  Also, if you are a petite woman, like myself, the portions listed will probably be too large.  I generally only needed about half to three-quarters of a shake, and something like the Quinoa Salad recipe makes enough food for the entire cleanse.  If you have the resources and the time to take on this challenge, I say go for it!  It managed to keep up with my long, hectic schedule, and I'm sure it will do the same for you :)*


Duo Detox by MS

I really needed to change my habits, so i decided to try a detox. However, I just didnt have the discipline to do any of those other cleanses. I came across aster elliott on RueLaLa, and decided to give it a shot. I got the Duo Detox, and let me tell you, that it was just so easy to follow. She makes it so easy, and for something so healthy, they all taste so good!
It came with a cute bottle, and such an easy plan to follow. She gives you a pamphlet that makes it so easy to figure out what you can eat, and when.
It's so awesome! I lost 10 lbs on it, and i felt awesome! I was never hungry, and i didn't even eat as many times a day as she says to. I just couldn't. ( And trust me, i eat a lot)
I always had so much energy and i felt so great all the time. It helped with my mood, and i just felt so great all the time.*


Heavenly Body by Mary

This my second Aster Elliott cleanse, and halfway into day 4 of 6 days, I'm doing great. The shakes are good, once I doctored them. (Yes Stevia, please. I also added a dash of nutmeg.)  I  know I'm losing weight but I also feel "light" in my mood, which is great. I wasn't sure about the mood part, but I do really feel a difference. Meal choices are good (I made the quinoa lettuce wraps myself, very easy.) Lots of variety, I'll eat some of these meals post cleanse for sure. Loved the Angel Bars. I even found myself out one evening with coworkers for "working drinks"  (I had sparkling water) and wasn't even tempted to cheat. Nice. This is a great reboot, I can imagine doing a cleanse like this 3-4 times a year to refocus/reset priorities. In terms of energy: A bit of a caffeine withdrawal headache the second day and on day three I was too tired to exercise in the morning (yes even more tired than usual) but otherwise I've been fine. I also did the Catwalk Cleanse last winter, which was also easy but I really do like the Yin/Yang of Heavenly Body.*


Heavenly Body by Samantha

This is my second Aster Elliott Cleanse. I tried to Corset Cleanse and loved it. So, when I saw Heavenly Body I decided to give it a try. Today is my last day. It’s been tough but love this cleanse too!  The Angel bars are unbelievable…sooo yummy! Nirvana spray is awesome. I lost 4lbs, my energy level is high. Honestly, I really do have a clearer mind! It’s a pretty cool cleanse and one I will definitely do again. Thank you Aster Elliott!*


DNA Detox by Wendy

I ordered the 7-day DNA Detox and loved it.  Everything was beautifully packaged and so easy to use.  I got such great results that I just ordered the 21-day DNA Detox and can't wait to get started.  I'll keep you posted! Thanks for the fun, healthy way to take care of my body.*


Heavenly Body by Grace

I recently completed the Heavenly Body Cleanse! I’ve tried cleanse programs and never can stick it out. This cleanse is easy to do and they make it fun. The snacks they provide are really good. It is no brainer easy to follow; seriously dummy proof! I didn’t’ feel like I was starving like I feel on a juice cleanse. I’m feeling slimmer, definitely more energy and I’m in a better mood, probably because I lost some lbs! Will do this cleanse again.*


Corset Cleanse by Elizabeth

"I've done juice cleanses in the past. It was very challenging not to eat real food, I would gain weight the first time I would eat real food and my metabolism would be very slow so I would gain even more weight than when I started. The 6 day corset cleanse was easy! I loved the lunch options and will incorporate them into my regular diet. I also really enjoyed and looked forward to the shakes! I lost 4 lbs, eliminated sugar, caffeine and gluten cravings!!! I will absolutely do this cleanse again." *

DNA Detox by Sara

I just completed the 7-day DNA Detox and I feel fantastic! I prefer to cleanse periodically due to digestion issues and bloating, but typically do for only a 3 day period. This is the longest cleanse that I have done so far and I would highly recommend for people with some experience, to try this. I found the shakes to be delicious in the beginning, but started to not like them as time went on, until I switched from almond milk to coconut milk, which made a huge taste difference. The lunch options were not only very good, but also very filling and made the detox feel great since you could actually eat food. Within a few days in, I could feel my digestion to be completely improved and felt more energized and light. I did lose 8 pounds by day 7, but was primarily doing it to see a change in my digestion. Since completing this, I have decided to go gluten-free and lactose-free because I am convinced I have a gluten sensitivity. Would recommend anyone feeling the same way to give this a try! Thanks Aster Elliott!*

Corset Cleanse by Nicole

I am on day two and while it it is difficult to pull away from my addiction to carbs and cheese, I definitely feel full and satisfied with the meal plan Aster Elliott laid out. Its also very easy to follow! I have more mental clarity, do not feel bloated or sluggish and am looking forward to changing my eating habits for the better after the cleanse!*

Endless Beauty by Stephanie

After I did the DNA Detox(loved it) I decided to try Endless Beauty weight loss. I had about 10 lbs that I wanted to take off for the last year! It's been 3 weeks and I've lost 7 lbs. The program is easy to follow, I'm not hungry at all and the smoothie tastes similar to the DNA detox shake so I'm loving this.* 

DNA Detox, Catwalk Cleanse & Corset Cleanse by Vicki

I've tried all of the following programs and love them all for different reasons. They each have a shake meal replacement for breakfast and dinner, regular food for lunch and snacks in between meals. All of them come with vitamins to supplement the meals and cool skin product too; a skin treatment with a complementary lotion/conditioner.*

7-day DNA Detox - Easiest to do and has the largest variety for the real food lunch meal. The breakfast and dinner meal replacements can be shaken in the bottle provided. For lunches, chose from an a-la-carte menu for food groups: protein, starch, veggie, and fat or use a suggested recipe. Because there are food groups, I like that you can plan and pre-make most lunches for the week to save time. The mask was nice - it took out all the impurities and left my skin soft and glowing with the toning mist.
3-day Catwalk Cleanse - Requires a blender for breakfast and dinner meal replacements. Best tasting shakes of all the programs because fruit is added, but takes time to make. I'd recommend the 5-day instead of 3-day if you can last. 3-day is great if you've never done this before, but you'll want to go the extra 2 days if you make it that far and you can, it's easy! The Beauty Bar was a real treat, I imagine I'd get another on a longer program. The body treatment smells great and left my skin feeling so soft. Wish I could buy the skin silk separately.
6-day Corset Cleanse - On day 2 now. The breakfast and dinner meal replacements can be shaken in the bottle provided. Loved the veggie wraps - it was almost too much to eat. This cleanse is also easy, but has more vitamins/supplements and requires a wait time of 20 minutes after taking the them before you can eat the meal. Not the best for on the go, but a timer can help keep track and take the shake to drink in the car. I can't wait to try the body treatment tomorrow; a day 3 regimen.
I usually drop 3-5 pounds when doing a cleanse, but more importantly feel great afterwards and my eating habits are reset for the better for a good while. Even curbs my glass of wine after work wine habit for a couple of weeks!
Oh! And most importantly...I never feel hungry on this since each program has me eating constantly, but in small portions. By day 2 or 3 when I finally get used to the routine, I actually am feeling satisfied, but the program tells me I have to eat again and I'm always surprised.
For comparison, I've also tried a juice cleanse. It's much easier, even mindless, because it's a drink every couple of hours. The problem is that it didn't teach me good eating habits. When I do the Aster Elliot cleanses, I know what to do when I'm done and it's taught me great eating habits that I can use forever*

Endless Beauty Weight Loss by Destiny

I felt compelled to write this testimonial because I just finished my second month on Endless Beauty weight loss and I've lost almost 16 lbs. I started with the Aster Detox 9 day and lost 7 lbs. The weight loss is so easy to follow with so many options. What I like about Aster Elliott plans, they really teach you how to eat and for me this has been so beneficial. If you are looking to lose wieght start with one of the longer cleanses like the Aster Detox and then start Endless beauty, Its the way to go! *

DNA Detox by Tonya

I just thought I would let you know that your DNA Detox reprogrammed my way of eating. Truthfully, the word "detox" does not do this any justice. I left the program after 14 days thinking I had a clean slate and I would start a life of better living/ turned out that the DNA Detox harbored MOST of the factors of better living/nutrition. In the end, I found myself missing the regimen/program. I wish I had more Divine vegan am/pm shakes and I wanted to go back to having my Bragg's aminos and lemon GOODNESS! After about two weeks, I went back to making my own lunch based on the prescribed portions for each work week. I do splurge here and there, but I don't feel as good at the end of every day and this is what keeps me from deviating to far From this DNA Detox AWESOMENESS! I hate to make this about numbers because the woman of today is so obsessed by it, but...I FEEL LIGHTER. After some apprehension to weigh myself and stick to the way I FELT about my body, my friends got me to get on a scale because they too noticed my weight loss. I lost 10lbs! I hope to get some type of maintenance package from Aster Elliott. THIS EXPERIENCE WAS SO AWESOME! I got my pre-baby body back.....and then some...*

Aster Detox by Karen

I just completed the 21 day Aster Detox! Loved it. I know it's not supposed to be about weight loss but I lost 16 lbs! Its my birthday tomorrow and I'm fitting back into a size I haven't worn in years!! I feel so good. I have to say at first I struggled. It wasn't easy. The first few days I felt terrible; headaches, and no energy. I emailed Aster Elliott and they told me that I would start to feel better by day three or four and sure enough, I did! I have more energy than I could ever ask for, my skin is clear, my eyes are bright. I know I sound like an ad but its true! Over the last few months I was thinking about doing a cleansing program trying to decide if a cleanse was necessary If you're not sure about cleansing, just go for it. It will definitely be worth it. I highly recommend the 21 day program and plan on doing it again in the future.*

Aster Detox by Jenny

I just finished the 9 Day Aster Detox cleanse. I did it to really jump start a healthy lifestyle. My hopes were that I would walk away with the urge to eat healthier and exercise more. What I wasn't expecting was an eight pound weight loss and more energy. Making the smoothie/shake for dinner gave me so much time back when I would normally be cooking dinner. In this time I was able to workout and the combination of the detox and the exercising has transformed my body in 9 days. I have been sleeping well and no longer have achy joints. The best thing I have noticed from the cleanse is that after Day 4, my morning stiffness was gone. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and though I do not think the cleanse healed me of the disease, my body is most grateful for the nutrients and vitamins I have been consuming, while not consuming foods that typically encourage or lead to inflammation. So this detox not only lead to weight loss, but it lead to an overall healthy feeling that feels better than any food will ever taste. I am so pleased I tried this and am hopeful to do the 21 Day Detox sometime!*

DNA Detox by Ciarra

This cleanse is so easy to follow! I have tried every cleanse/ diet under the sun and this is truly one of my favorites. There is no deprivation, only wholesome foods and vital nutrients. I am recovering from surgery and not able to keep up my normal fitness routine and feel like it's the ideal time to cleanse and repair my body and mind. Thank you so much!*

Corset Cleanse by Alyssa

I was in need of something to help me transition to a healthier lifestyle, so I chose the Corset Cleanse after much research. Upon arrival, my first reaction was what cute packaging! I especially liked the glass bottle and I use it for all my shakes and smoothies still. The opening is too small to get anything in there and I have to use a teaspoon, but that doesn't really bother me. And with that I begin.

The Good: You still get to eat on this cleanse, and it forces you to stock your fridge with some healthy goodies, like almond butter, that you can eat post cleanse. Also, the meals are vegan-friendly, which was a must for me. Although at first I thought the smoothie tasted like baby formula, by day 3 I found myself craving it, and I wish that Aster Elliot had it up for sale. Besides the initial response to the shake, day two of the cleanse was the hardest, but after that it was a tad easier. I did cheat on day 4 because I was just so darn hungry, but I really wish I hadn't because I didn't realize how great I felt on the cleanse until I ate regular food (I had packaged noodle... yikes!) and just felt awful. But since the cleanse my sugar cravings have been almost non existent, and my need and want for caffeine is at an all time low.

The not-so-good: Because you have to make the shakes, pack some snacks, and make a lunch, this cleanse is very time consuming. I normally do not eat breakfast, have a snack, or eat lunch, so making the time for this was especially difficult for me as I imagine it might be for you guys. Also, I was a little disappointed that the post cleanse meal plan didn't list any vegetarian protein options. I have been trying to avoid tofu since I know it is crazy processed but I do wonder if it is okay to eat Tempeh and what other source of veggie protein would be optimal.

Overall, I would love to do this cleanse again, and when I do, I know I will be able to make it the full six days. My advice to cleanse newbies like me, or people with a general lack of self-control, you might want to pick one of the three day cleanses to start with.*

DNA Detox by Caroline

I chose the DNA program and lost 6 lbs. The only disappointing thing about my experience is that I chose the 7 day and not the 14. I could have stayed on it longer!! I actually didn't want it to end. After doing this cleanse I began to think very differently about what I put in my body. I have always been a healthy eater but this cleanse has pushed me to be even better, and as a working mother of three this is so important. The detox shakes are delicious and the cleanse is so simple to follow. I enjoyed the beauty treatments too. It felt and smelled like I was at a spa. and no kidding my skin is actually glowing! I would do this program again. Next time I will go for the 14 day cleanse.*

Corset Cleanse by Amy

I was looking for a way to work on my mommy belly and this seemed to be the answer. I did the 6 day Corset Cleanse and I am on day 6. The first 2 days were a little hard because of the caffeine withdrawal, but after that I was in a pretty good pattern with this cleanse. I feel like I have lost some weight, but my clothes surely fit better and my stomach is much flatter. As an added bonus, my skin looks rosy and clear. This was a little hard feeding 3 small children, but the great lunches helped me through the day. It was also very easy to follow. Thanks and I plan on doing this again, maybe after summer!*

Aster Detox by Jennifer

So great! I thought a 9 day detox would be way more difficult than it actually was. The first few days were rough as my addiction to sugar and coffee wore off. But after that it was really easy and the smoothies were great. After the detox was over I no longer craved sugar like I usually did. Even more impressive was that I got sent a box of Easter candy and was not even the least bit interested in any of it. That was huge. I'm so glad I did the detox and would highly recommend it.*

DNA Detox by Stephanie

I'm pretty picky with it comes to my food, but this cleanse allowed me to eat real food. The beauty chips were definitely my favorite part! They are so delicious and such a nice touch to the detox. Overall, I think the cleanse was great.! I lost 10 pounds on this cleanse and it helped me to kick my sugar and caffeine habits. I promise you will feel great after this cleanse!*

DNA Detox by Amy

After a week of doing this cleanse I have to say I am extremely pleased. I feel like it delivered all the things it said it would without paying the price of being tired and hungry all the time. In fact it was quite the opposite.I had more energy and was left feeling very full and satisfied after each meal and snack.

I definitely felt like the 7 days went by very quickly, and it really wasn't hard to follow or stay on it. The only withdrawal I had was from caffeine I usually have a coke a day and so after the first and second day I started to get the typical caffeine withdrawal headache.

Something really important to me is taste. If the products tasted bad there would be no way I could continue for a full week, so I was so glad to have tasty morning and evening shakes.

Final thought is I would definitely love to do a cleanse several times a year. After seeing and feeling the benefits it's hard to not want to continue to do them. If you haven't tried doing one yet, I highly recommend it!*

Corset Cleanse by Roni

The 6 day corset cleanse was so helpful to me. Day 1 was a little hard and I think I had some sugar withdrawal! I did it on a Sunday which I think is a smart move so your body can adjust. I only had two of the lunches, the salad with sprouts, avocado, etc. and the soup and sweet potato. They both filled me up and helped me get through the day. The snacks were very important and the core shake tasted great! I used my ninja to make it because when I shook it in the bottle I still had clumps. Be careful to level out the core shake powder because I only had half a scoop left for my last shake. I was sleeping so much better while on this cleanse. I really needed to reset my body and I feel that now my body is using the calories I eat way more efficiently. I have tried to stick to the same schedule of breakfast, small morning snack, healthy (biggest meal) lunch, small afternoon snack and dinner at a reasonable time with fruit. I do not crave any junk after the cleanse which is amazing for me. If I crave something sweet I have yogurt, fruit or make something in my yonanas machine. Chocolate and sweets were a huge downfall of mine and I don't want to pollute my body after cleaning it. I did not lose weight on the cleanse but that wasn't my goal. I probably drank about 100 oz of water a day and continue to do that now. So happy I did the corset cleanse!! Will definitely purchase other detoxes or cleanses from Aster. Aster was also so helpful in responding to my initial email concerns. My throat was a little sensitive at the beginning to all the herbs in the pills but got better around day 3/4. Stick to the plan and you will be so happy.*

Corset Cleanse by Holly

I recently started the Corset Cleanse. I've completed 3 full days so I’m officially at the halfway point. So far, so good!

The breakfast/dinner shake tastes like yellow cake batter without all the sugar, which I know is hard to imagine. I’m pretty happy with the taste. Most healthy shakes out there either just plain taste bad, or they're loaded with fake sugar which gives a nasty after taste...and doesn't seem very healthy either. And albeit limited, you do get to eat actual food for snacks and also for lunch. It is not purely a liquid cleanse. I really appreciate eating solid food

I haven’t had any negative side effects so far - no headaches, lethargy, etc. As a precaution, I've limited myself physically and done gentle stretching instead of full workouts. On day 4, I’m going to re-incorporate working out and see how it goes. Worst “side effect” - I have to pee a lot! But that’s part of a good cleanse, so I don’t mind.

Positive side effects: improved sleep, lost about 4 pounds, feeling really calm and peaceful. Oh and the lush body butter makes my skin feel great. My digestion has improved and I know it sounds gimmicky, but I just feel better.

The whole program is pretty dummy-proof. The instructions tell you exactly what to do, when, and how. You really can’t screw it up. If you’re a forgetful person, set alarms on your phone or on your computer at work and pack your supplements in with your lunch. If you work or go to school at night, put the dry ingredients for your shake into your bottle and keep your almond or coco milk in a thermos/insulated lunch bag or in the fridge at work/school.

My suggestion if you’re trying this cleanse is to either use something to act as a funnel to put the shake powder into the mixing bottle because the opening on the bottle is a little small or (if you don't mind cleanup) just use the bottle for measuring purposes and throw everything into the blender. Also, when the powder in the container gets low, you may want to put it into a smaller container with a wider opening so it’s easier to get at.

Additional comments: super fast shipping, my order was beautifully packaged with a lot of love and attention to detail, and...a couple of free samples! Customer service gets an A+!

Looking forward to trying post-detox products! Thanks Aster!*

Corset Cleanse by Heather

I've been having stomach issues for a while and knew I needed to do something. My eating habits have been worse than normal with the holidays and being sick all of January with taking lots of cold medicines; it was time to be good to myself. I also drink a lot of diet soda and want to break that habit. I snack when I'm cooking dinner and snack when I watch TV or read to relax in the evening, mostly unhealthy snack foods. I knew it was getting out of control. I thought this cleanse would be a good way to reset the clock. I believe it has. My stomach hasn't hurt all week and now that I am done with the cleanse I feel like my stomach is healing and I want to keep it that way.

It is hard to cook for two boys (15 and 22) and feed them what they want. I was able to cook for them all week and stick to the cleanse. Going forward, I have decided I can cook something for me and something for them, which I did when they were toddlers. I can stock the house with what I need too.

The cleanse itself was fairly easy to use. I did need to stock my cabinets and fridge with some groceries. The second day was the worse, but once I got past the detox headache, I was able to stay on plan. The last day I did find myself getting too weak so I supplement breakfast with oatmeal. The meal replacement drink did take getting used to, but I found making it ahead of time and letting it sit in the fridge made it taste better and it had a smoother texture. All in all, I am glad I took the time to do this cleanse and would do it again. My stomach is feeling so much better; I’ve stayed off the diet soda, and adjusted my diet for healthier choices.

Other benefits:

My skin looks clearer and brighter, my checks are rosy. I loved the BLUSH Toxin Eliminating Treatment and the LUSH Butter. There was plenty left for a second treatment.

I’ve discovered a few new products that I have added to my kitchen: Braggs amino acid, Flax seed oil with lemon, and Pomegranate juice.*

Aster Detox by Jacyntha

I tried the 9-Day Detox and was blown away. Since starting the cleanse, I feel lots of energy and managed not to be as hungry as normal.In addition to feeling great, I managed to lose 13 pounds. I would recommend to anyone that wants to start eating healthy.*

Catwalk Cleanse by Wendy

I have a new favorite! I went through the 9 day Basic and the 3 Day Blast program but I'm lovin the Catwalk! OMG..the polish exfoliator is so nice. I could use it everyday! I found that I wasn't hungry and really enjoyed the juices in this cleanse. But, the beauty bars were my favorite part of program. AND, I have tons of energy and sleeping better! Two thumbs up for the catwalk cleanse!!* 

Corset Cleanse by Heather

In the past, I have tried my own "homemade" six-day cleanse, and always feel weak and sick throughout. I felt FANTASTIC on the Corset Cleanse; I never got weak or headachy and I had a lot of energy throughout. I lost three pounds on the cleanse, which was a nice bonus to feeling better in general. It was really nice to be able to eat fresh fruit and a healthy lunch throughout the six days. I would do this cleanse again, and in fact might make it a tradition.*

Corset Cleanse by Valerie

The corset cleanse definitely helped me with my stomach issues. I felt like it really helped with my digestion of always feeling bloated and full. My stomach is super sensitive to everything I eat and now I feel like these issues have been resolved. It increased my metabolism too because I have more energy now than I did before I went through the cleanse.*

Catwalk Cleanse by Carly

This was one of the easiest detox plans I've tried, and am very pleased with the way I feel. I love not being dependent on caffeine in the morning!I even lost a few pounds (great side effect!) This was the jump-start that I needed to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Thanks, Aster!*

Aster Detox by Elizabeth

No better way to start the year than the 9 day cleanse from Aster! There was an adjustment the first couple days when I was replacing my usual late dinner meal with a shake. It's a lifestyle adjustment because ordinarily I'd take 1-2 hours in the early evening cooking, preparing and having dinner. Suddenly, I had a couple of more hours a day! I started on a Monday and by Saturday, I woke up with tons of energy, no longer missed my dinner meal and felt better than I had in years. This cleanse is so much better than the Master Cleanse (which I could never bring myself to do) because this motivates you to change bad habits. There are long term results rather than just a short term weight loss. Try it and see for yourself!!!*

Aster Detox by Michala

I recently completed the Aster Cleanse 9 Day Detox and feel amazing! I’ve tried detox programs before and this was the one that I was actually able to stick with. Instead of detox by starvation or juice only, the Aster Cleanse is an intelligent way to achieve detox goals. There is always an adjustment period, but once you clear that small hurdle, its smooth sailing. I could have definitely stayed on it for longer! But more importantly, I’ve taken away some really important practices that I would like to continue to use in my day to day life….and have been since I finished the cleanse. And though it’s not a weight loss program, it was a nice bonus to have lost a few pounds. I’m feeling slimmer, more energetic, and positive. Furthermore, Aster was very helpful in always answering any questions I had…and quickly! Overall, a great plan. This will be the plan that I do when I’m ready for another detox*

Aster Detox by Jessica

WOW!!!!!! is the first word/feeling that comes to mind after completing Aster's basic Detox program. I've always thought I generally ate pretty healthy. Healthy in my mind meant low fat, low sugar, drink water, etc. I've always been dumbfounded why I have been stuck at my "set point weight" even though I just drank Diet Coke & ate rice and vegetables. Why do one day I feel "on" and the next day I feel "off" even though my diet stays pretty standard. Day One I started the detox and read Aster's rules/detox plan and after Day 4 it all started to make sense. Eliminating toxins, artificial preservatives, salt overload, artificial chemicals (ie Diet Coke) is a HUGE part to living a healthy life style. After going through the ten day transformation detox and feeling the results through my body and mind, I am now a believer! I've worked to keep many of the same eating habits from the detox and feel GREAT everyday. I highly recommend this to anyone. I am firm believer of learning through feelings & experience. Aster provides everything you need with this detox including the education/rules & the instruments to help you being to "feel healthy". She inlcluded some samples of her facial cleansers & I just bought the Co-Q10 cream. Makes your skin feel AMAZING & smells super good!!*

Aster Detox by Emily

"I had so much trouble getting to sleep at night and then be too tired to get anything done the next day. I had been on sleep meds for years. You name it, I took it. My daughter-in-law told me to go see Aster Elliott. I can honestly say within one week I was sleeping without prescription meds. I really thought I was going to be taking meds the rest of my life. Not only that, Aster then helped me lose 15lbs! I highly recommend her. She really cares about her clients!" *

Catwalk Cleanse by Theresa

Okay…Here’s the deal…I’m no longer complaining that I’m tired, my friends all want to know “how much coffee” I had, I’m not yelling at my kids at the drop of a hat (but I do yell every now and then!), I feel and act like a kid, I’m better at budgeting my time with my kids, my 6 year old daughter has learned what “no” means and my husband can no longer say “that I’m disconnected” when we are intimate…(TMI)…but you need to know that one girls… Here I am feeling fabulous while all of my friends are slowly deteriorating around me. One friend just had a mini stroke! I’ve told them about my journey… they've seen it. Now all they have to do is meet with Aster Elliott so they can achieve the benefits that I have. Life is too long not to enjoy it! Thanks Aster! *

 *Disclaimer-No guarantee and results may vary

here have been wonderful bloggers who have reviewed or featured our products. We're truly thankful for each one. Here are a few:


Catwalk Cleanse by April

I wanted a detox, but a 10 day commitment was too much for me. I opted for the 5 day program. I loved it! I found that this wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be. I definitely noticed my clothing fits differently and I feel great. It's a win win!


I absolutely love the skin care products from "Aster Elliott"! I love the purity of the ingredients and my skin looks amazing! 

Do You Have a Success Story of Your Own?  

There have been wonderful bloggers who have reviewed or featured our products. We're truly thankful for each one. Here are a few:


Catwalk Cleanse by April

I wanted a detox, but a 10 day commitment was too much for me. I opted for the 5 day program. I loved it! I found that this wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be. I definitely noticed my clothing fits differently and I feel great. It's a win win!


I absolutely love the skin care products from "Aster Elliott"! I love the purity of the ingredients and my skin looks amazing! 

Do You Have a Success Story of Your Own?