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                                                                                                    So, I’ve talked about endocrine disruptors in the past. They  will cause damage in so many ways to your body;  emotionally and physically. An endocrine disruptor is a  chemical when absorbed into the body both mimics or  blocks hormones and upsets the body's regular functions.  Everything from changing normal hormone levels, stopping  or increasing the natural production of hormones thus changing the way hormones function in the body.

What can occur when consistently exposed to endocrine disruptors are sleep disorders, depression, weak immune system, weight gain and obesity, heart disease, ADHD, cancer and the list goes on…

Anyway, today I’d like to bring to your attention nail polish. It’s no big secret that nail polish has chemicals in it. However, a new study by researchers at Duke University found that one chemical in particular is ending up in your body! It’s called TPHP aka endocrine disruptor. They tested the urine from a group of women. They all had some evidence of TPHP in the urine. However, after they had their nails polished and painted, TPHP severely increased! Not good!

The brands that currently have this chemical in it are:

Sally Hanson, Essie, OPI, Revlon, Milani, Wet n Wild, SpaRitual, Orly, theBalm, Maybelline, Beauty without cruelty and Butter London. Note- Butter London removed (TPHP) from its products last year. However, there still may be some bottles on the shelves. Check the label before purchasing to make sure you buying the revised formula.

Check out the Starlet Detox it was designed and formulated to assist the body in reducing its burden of harmful endocrine disruptors. 

As always, keep living a detox lifestyle!


Much love,


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