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Chicken & Vegetable Salad-Post Cleanse Meal

cayenne pepper chicken and vegetable salad cleanse meals post cleanse meal

  ~ 3 oz. cube organic chicken breast (6oz. for men)~ 1 1/2 cups of organic mixed greens~ 1/2 of a organic tomato~ 1/2 of a organic cucumber~ 1/4 of an organic avocado (half of a half)~Walnut oil or Grapseed oil ~ Bragg Liquid Aminos Spray or coconut aminos~ Cayenne Pepper~ LemonOver medium heat, spray pan with Grapeseed oil or walnut oil. Add chicken and cook until done. Plate the mixed greens, add the tomato, cucumber, chicken, and avocado. Spray with Braggs. Squeeze some lemon over the salad and sprinkle with Cayenne pepper. Toss and enjoy!

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