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Are You Depressed?

6 day cleanse anxiety depression Most depressed country

  “The World Health Organization [WHO] released its new list of the world's most depressed countries. The US comes in third after India and China. Unipolar depressions, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse are the root causes of this, according to a large number of experts.” Well, if this doesn’t tell you where we are headed, nothing will. How can we not be depressed; the news is all about acts of violence, tragedies, terrorist attacks and then there’s American politics; the biggest joke of all! What can we do for ourselves during this high stress time and our precarious future? Toxins come...

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Video Series!

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This is the first of my new videos to help you decide which cleanse is right for you! We receive many emails asking for assistance in choosing a cleanse and this is what inspired this new series.


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Heavenly Body Cleanse now available!

6 day cleanse detoxifying cleanse mind body and soul cleanse

    Heavenly Body Cleanse is here! I’m super excited to share our newest cleanse with you, Heavenly Body!  Heavenly body cleanse was designed to cleanse your physical body, emotional body and energetic body. The symbolism and significance of the number three has a unifying element, and represents a unity. Heavenly Body Cleanse is a perfect example of this unity between three; mind, body and soul. There is a distinct connection between all three and cleansing one without the other two is like taking a shower with clothes on and no soap. Basically, by clearing the emotional and energetic bodies...

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