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Powerful Combo New Moon + Solar Eclipse-Perfect Time for Life Changes

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As you most likely know, today is a new moon solar eclipse. It’s the first eclipse of 2016, March 8th and 9th depending on your time zone. This is a powerful time for change. The moon is at its closest approach to earth and has a stronger effect on tides, and our bodies and emotions. So, it’s the perfect time to cleanse and purge all that is not serving you and set positive intentions… fresh start… new story begins. I’ve always been fascinated by celestial bodies ever since I was a little girl and look forward to days like this....

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Cleanse and Detox your Body

Body detox Cleanse and DEtox

We live in a consistently growing toxic environment.  I’m sure you would agree. Most of the toxins that are so widespread in the environment today simply weren't there 30 years ago. I’m referring to certain pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. These types of chemicals can enter our bodies and it is usually through the food, water, and the average person breathes in around 11,000 liters of air every day, What happens is the toxins become trapped in our tissues as well as our organs. Eventually, this can seriously affect your health by reducing your life force/ vitality and may ultimately cause...

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