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Do you know what ingredients are in your cosmetics/skincare- personal care products? I believe it’s important to be reminded to protect ourselves from everyday exposure to chemicals and this includes what you put on your skin. Companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish because the U.S. government doesn't review the safety of products and has no testing requirements before they're sold.  So, before you put any products on your skin, know all of the ingredients that are used in those products.

Don’t’ let labels fool you just because the say “natural” or “organic”. You can have an organic USDA stamp… 95% of the ingredients may be organic. However, the remaining 5% can be TOXIC! With that said, take 5% x 12 because on a daily basis women use over a dozen personal care products which contain 100 or more chemical ingredients that women absorb on a DAILY basis.  These toxins are endocrine disrupters, they mimic estrogen and disrupt hormones in the body; this includes everything from cosmetics, toothpaste, perfume and much more.

Skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything. It absorbs anything that touches the surface. Water, cosmetics, fragrances... You can tell a lot about a person by their skin because it’s closely connected to the circulatory system to the body; age, inflammation, oily, dry, wrinkles and or acne skin can tell a story and are signs of poor internal health.

Here are a few of the more dangerous ingredients:

Propylene glycol- It’s found in toothpaste, makeup and deodorant.  It’s an active ingredient in anti-freeze; great for your car, poisonous for you. You can also find this in ice cream, baked goods and canned food. It will most likely be listed as an ingredient called E-1520 instead if it’s actual name.

Mineral oil- this is a petroleum derivative. It covers the skin like a plastic wrap so it doesn’t allow your skin to breathe to remove toxins. Without a doubt this will age your skin! Instead try coconut oil.

Sodium laurel sulfate- This is a foaming agent. Again, used in toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, floor and car cleaners, detergents, engine degrease to name a few! This is one of the most dangerous ingredients when used with other chemicals. Exposure to this can cause depression, anxiety gastrointestinal issues and more.

Talc- It’s been around forever, widely used in make-up and baby products and is associated to cancer.

Parabens- known and linked to cancer. Parabens are used in products to extend their shelf life.  Parabens are extensively used.  They mimic estrogen. Previous studies showed that when healthy breast tissue/cells were exposed to these parabens they became cancerous cells.

BHC or BHA- Used as a food additive.  They are banned in Europe.  They attack the immune system, disrupt the endocrine system and cause respiratory toxicity.

Fragrance (parfum) - The word fragrance can mean up to 5000 different toxic ingredients.  Almost all of the perfume industry uses synthetic ingredients!  One of the worst things you can do is wear a cologne or perfume. Much better is to use pure essential oils.

The website EWG-Skin Deep is a cosmetic database with over 73,000 products. You can search the products you currently use to see how toxic they are. EWG-Skin Deep will basically "fill in where industry and government leave off". 

Live a Detox Lifestyle!




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