Is Your Thyroid Functioning Properly?

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  Hormonal imbalances may be the cause of many chronic health issues. Your hormones should be in synchronization with each other. When levels of each hormone are in the right amounts, your systems are steady. However, when they become unbalanced due to deficiencies or extremes, this can cause chronic symptoms or disorders, and increase your risk for disease.

Thyroid hormones control the body’s metabolism. Simply stated, your brain makes thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). This hormone will then which activate the thyroid gland to make hormones called T3 and T4. Hypothyroidism, means the body has insufficient levels of these hormones. Hyperthyroidism, is when too much thyroid hormone is present. When either hypo or hyper occur it can throw off the synchronization of other hormones as well. 

Since the thyroid gland regulates metabolism and hormone function, it is important for numerous bodily functions because every cell is affected by thyroid hormones making symptoms of imbalances vary and affect many systems in your body. Your hormones are like an orchestra they must all be in sync to make beautiful music for optimal functioning. 

Below is a questionnaire regarding the function of your thyroid. If you answer “yes” to 5 or more of these questions, thyroid testing and a detox-cleanse is recommended.

1. Do you have family history of hypothyroidism or other thyroid problems? Yes No
2. Is your skin dry without the use of lotion? Yes No
3. Do you suffer from constipation? Yes No
4. Are your menstrual cycles irregular? Yes No
5. Do you have high cholesterol? Yes No
6. Do you have low blood pressure? Yes No
7. Is your hair dry? Yes No
8. Are your nails brittle? Yes No
9. Is your hair thinning? Yes No
10. Is the outer third of your eyebrows missing or thinning? Yes No
11. Does your skin have a yellow tint? Yes No
12. Do you sometimes suffer from depression? Yes No
13. Do you suffer from mood swings? Yes No
14. Do you need caffeine and/or other stimulants to get you going? Yes No
15. Do you have low energy levels? Yes No
16. Do you have a low sex drive? Yes No
17. Do you note any forgetfulness? Yes No
18. Do you have difficulty losing weight? Yes No
19. Is it easy for you to gain weight? Yes No




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