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Himalayan pink salt for weight loss


All salts are not created equal. There is a big misconception between table salt and numerous health promoting salts. Sadly, we are led to believe salt is a monster that will destroy your health. To an extent this is true, refined table salt is absolutely not good for you, processed foods, meats and snacks are overloaded with refined salt. 

The problem is salt manufacturers lower the salt content when processing it and replace it with additives. Refined table salt is processed in such a way it’s been stripped of minerals leaving you with chemicals in place of minerals as part of their cleaning process. They heat salt 1200 degrees, it recrystallizes at this very high temp and it changes the natural chemical structure of the salt. 

Salt is important for weight management

It’s vital for our nervous system, digestion, metabolism and adrenal function. If you crave salty junk foods, it’s a sign of poor adrenal function. It’s actually your body letting you know you’re lacking minerals. Stress can deplete us of minerals and disrupt our adrenal glands. If your adrenals glands are not functioning properly it can be difficult to lose weight as they are responsible for regulating so many hormones in our body. Basically, hormone imbalance = difficulty with weight management.  By adding a proper higher quality salt to your diet you’ll actually stop having salty junk foods cravings.

What type of salt should you consume?

We have sneaky manufacturers who try to get over on us with their savvy labeling. So, they’ll have you believing your doing something good for your body by avoiding refined table salt and instead opting for “sea salt”. This is misleading because white processed salt can be called sea salt because it came from the sea. Sea salt is a step above table salt/commercial salt. However, it would not be my first choice. As you know our oceans are polluted and these toxins ultimately get transferred to sea salt. And now, sea salt producers are refining their salt simply because our oceans are so contaminated.

We are told diets should be low salt. If you avoid most processed meats, foods and snacks, you will not be consuming refined salt and therefore no need for a low salt diet simply choose a higher quality salt.

My # 1 pick is Himalayan pink salt; health promoting, keeps your adrenal glands happy as well as your digestive system and metabolism. It contains minerals and trace elements. Its 250 million years old straight out of the Himalayan mountains and not contaminated. 

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