Natural Remedies for Back Pain Relief

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This morning, my sweet little dog Buttercup started chasing a rabbit and was going to run into a corral for horses. I should mention Buttercup is 13 years old and somewhat blind. She’s also the sweetest and cutest dog you’ll ever meet.

So, to save her life(literally lol), took a dive into a slope to catch her and tweaked my back. I don’t take any medication over-the-counter or prescription. There are lots of over–the-counter pain relievers, but they all have some kind of side effect including bleeding in the stomach. I try not to put any chemicals in my body. They actually slow down the body's natural ability to heal. With that said, would like to share my protocol for this issue. I hope you don’t have to use it. However, it does work and its healthier for you and your longevity. This would also be good for overworked muscles, muscle spasms and inflammation. 

Many essential oils contain analgesic compounds that decrease or relieve pain. Others have anti-inflammatory, or anti-spasmodic compounds to combat other types of pain. The following topical essential oil blends are great for all of the above. 

Back pain rub #1

Use 4 drops of essential oil  for every 1 tsp of carrier oil – Carrier oil examples: sweet almond oil, avocado oil or Grapeseed oil

1 teaspoon – carrier oil

1 drop lavender

1 drop peppermint

1 drop Sweet Marjoram

1 drop Rosemary   

Here are a couple more options:

 Back pain rub #2

1 teaspoon – carrier oil

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Cypress

1 drop Lavender  

Back pain rub #3

1 teaspoon – carrier oil

2 drops Juniper berry 

1 drop Lavender

1 drop R. Chamomile

In addition to the above topical rub:

  • Filtered water- a lot of it!
  • Ginger tea- anti-inflammatory
  • Foods high in Potassium - green leafy vegetables, avocados, bananas
  • Foods high in Magnesium- pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans, spinach
  • Lean protein foods or protein smoothie

Supplements for back pain

  • Turmeric- I use it every day when I prepare meals. However, in this case, am taking 800 mgs daily in capsule form.   
  • MSM- an anti-inflammatory supplement It can help ease muscle spasms. Take 2000-6000 mgs (powder or capsule)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids-  wild caught fish, flax-seeds, flax-seed oil and chia seeds. OR, supplement 1200 mgs daily gel cap 

Lastly, eliminate- sugar, grain products and alcohol. 

Much love,








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