Are You Depressed?

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are you depressed

  “The World Health Organization [WHO] released its new list of the world's most depressed countries. The US comes in third after India and China. Unipolar depressions, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse are the root causes of this, according to a large number of experts.”

Well, if this doesn’t tell you where we are headed, nothing will. How can we not be depressed; the news is all about acts of violence, tragedies, terrorist attacks and then there’s American politics; the biggest joke of all!

What can we do for ourselves during this high stress time and our precarious future?

Toxins come in all different forms; tangible and intangible. All of the collective chaos and drama that fills our eyes and ears on the daily is merely another form of toxicity. Depression, anxiety, stress and pain are easily fed through all forms of negative media. Worrying about the future, having doubt, fear and not feeling safe can be very crippling and keep you in a state of depression as well as cause physical ailments over time. 

You can take medication but that’s not a long term solution nor is escaping through drugs and alcohol. You must get rid of the toxins in your life.  

For starters, eliminate negative media, if you’re eating unhealthy, change your diet, if the people in your life are causing issues for you, get rid of them (at least for now) exercise; movement incubates a healthy mind.

I like Heavenly Body Cleanse to clear away toxins in your physical, energetic and emotional body. There are also components in this cleanse to elevate your mood and increase your feel good hormones.

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Hang in there, nothing ever stays the same! 

Much love,


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