How to Get Motivated When You're Stuck in a Rut

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The fact is there's an ebb and flow to life; light-dark, yin-yang. It’s humanly impossible not to ever get stuck in a rut. Pain and suffering is on your itinerary when you arrive on planet earth. The question you have to ask yourself; will I learn from painful experiences or ruts to flourish and grow or, am I going to keep repeating the same thing over and over again to get the same negative result.

You get stuck in these ruts and like quicksand potentially keeps dragging you further down. Your stories that play over and over in your unconscious mind have a way of keeping you in darker spaces longer than necessary. It is your responsibility to use this time to learn about yourself, make changes to move forward as soon as possible.

I’ve mentioned in some other blog posts and videos regarding neurons in your brain, have a job; neurons direct all of your thoughts actions and behaviors. Your stories, negative thinking, childhood traumas, negative influences, negative media, eating unhealthy, lack of exercise all plays into the kind of life you’re going to create.

When you get stuck in a rut is can be scary, reminded of experiences or lack thereof that you try to avoid and ignore most of the time.

Ruts are opportunities to take a closer look at your darker side and make positive changes. When you live in your truth, living an authentic life, you're able to access your inner guidance system; abundance, love and happiness reside inside.

If you keep repeating undesirable patterns and scenarios and not making changes needed to develop and go forward, spending too much time in these darker places, evolving turns into deteriorating. 

Don’t let these times where you feel down and out get the best of you. Use this time to see where you need to make changes for betterment and progress during your time here.

You really do need these ruts to hopefully take you to a higher level of consciousness...  look at them as gift…

Every painful experience in your life is like a tiny piece of colored glass, eventually becoming a beautiful mosaic emanating a bountiful array of colors and it is those vibrant colors you will see are a reflection of your conscious life.

There is no coming into consciousness without pain- Gandhi 

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