Dry skin brushing offers an impressive list of health benefits!

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If you’re taking care of the skin on your face, what about the rest of your body? Your skin is the largest organ. Try dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing offers an impressive list of health benefits.

For starters, increases circulation, exfoliates, reduces water retention, reduces cellulite, reduces stress, improves digestion, and helps kidneys to function optimally.

Your skin is vital for supporting detoxification. However, if your skin is clogged with toxins and/or dead skin cells, it will have a difficult time removing this waste from your body. This is where dry skin brushing can be important, by removing those dead skin cells and stimulating toxin elimination.

 How: Use a dry, natural fiber high quality brush. You want to choose one that has a long handle so you can reach difficult spots on your back. You definitely don’t want to do this at night before bed, it may actually give you energy. It’s best to incorporate in to a morning routine.

Massage your entire body before you shower... Start gently brushing at the toes, working your way up using circular motions toward your heart. (Do not brush your face). This should not be painful so you want to avoid scrubbing. Keyword is gentle.  You can do this for a couple of minutes up to 10 minutes.

Guaranteed, you will love this! When you see and feel results, it’s actually quite addicting (in a good way)


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