How to Achieve Better Health and Weight Loss from Cleansing

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Just like you cleanse your physical body routinely, you must cleanse your emotional body as well. This must be part of your daily routine. The detoxifying cleanses that we provide are a springboard to your renewed good health. Once you complete one of our cleanses, it is your job to make the healthy routine part of your lifestyle and to stay on track by being mindful of the choices you make with regard to food and eating healthy. When you cleanse your physical body, it creates a doorway to jump-start healthy living especially if you've veered off the healthy path for a bit. In order to stay on the healthy track after cleaning is to also cleanse your emotional body as well. 

Cleansing your emotional body is just as important as a physical cleanse. You cannot expect to be completely healthy, full of vitality if you are not willing to cleanse your mind as well.

Toxins can infect our bodies in many ways the most being tangible such as pesticides, smog and chemicals in our water, and then there’s the intangible toxins. In other words, negative thoughts, stress, negative media from TV, radio and magazines, internal conflicts and relationship problems are examples of intangible toxins.  These tangible and intangible toxins all play a role in everything from unnecessary weight gain to medical conditions that are fueled by negative conditioning.

Your mind is so powerful; your emotions can affect your life. For example, if you think you cannot lose weight, you won’t.

If you are constantly thinking negatively, having anxiety and stress overcome you, it is time to change the way your brain is wired. Basically, gaining the ability to cleanse your emotional body. It’s all about having a healthy mental state.

After completing a physical cleanse, you’ll feel better, and feel energized to continue eating healthy, the same goes for your emotional state. On a daily basis, you must practice positive thoughts and strive to present a completely healthy mind, body and soul.

A brief explanation of how the brain works off of your thoughts, actions and behaviors

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Your brain is made up of neurons, cells that connect to form neural pathways that direct all of our thoughts, actions and behaviors.  We each have 100 billion neurons in our brain. For example, a child learning how to ride a bike. Basically, a group of neurons get together and form a team that are responsible for helping the child learn how to ride a bike.  At first, because the neurons aren't familiar with each other the child may have difficulty balancing on the bike at first. But, over time as the neurons get to know each other and start to work well together, the child learns to ride the bike without falling over. This is the same for everything that you do in life. At first you must consciously focus and really think about what you’re doing but after repeated actions this group of neurons who are now familiar with each other start to work at an unconscious level. This process works for everything including weight gain and weight loss.

Every thought that we have, links to a group of neurons that form a connection. So for example, if you’re thinking that you can’t lose weight this plays over and over in your brain, that group of neurons reacts to those thoughts and you certainly will not lose weight.

It's important to cleanse the emotional body. If you choose to ignore the emotional body, optimum health and longevity may be more challenging to attain.






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