Recognizing Negative Patterns and Breaking Them

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Chaos, drama and pain are symptoms of patterns of energy we haven’t been able to change yet.

We can’t change the way we are unless we make a conscious effort. We all have childhood trauma that triggers in our adult lives and fall victim all too often through our repeating negative patterns, whether they be with our family, coworkers, friends or intimate partners.

The universe will not stop until you pay attention, recognize old patterns and begin to understand the lesson and true nature of being our authentic self.  We are here for more than simply repeating old patterns so the sooner we appreciate this, easier it will be to break the cycle and find peace, love and harmony.

“What You Resist, Persists”

Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with their junk. It’s painful, and requires you to stay present; not escape or anesthetize yourself at all. You have to feel that pain, understand It, and then release it so you can move on and grow; no more riding the carousel of past stories.

I love that movie groundhog day with Bill Murray. He kept waking up and the same day repeated over and over again until he finally found a way to correct the things that went wrong before.

Some negative patterns carry from one generation to the next. But, you don’t have to be the next generation to carry that torch.

I recently went through a traumatic, life changing experience. The universe upped the ante for me and forced me to take a close look at my patterns of dysfunction, and finally make an authentic effort to break them.

One of the best ways to recognize and work with your deep issues is mindfulness. It’s a tough thing to do; constantly staying in the moment is a real challenge, like an athlete who trains daily, you must train yourself every day to stay present, where your mind is not wandering, you’re not thinking of the past or the future; only the present. If you practice mindfulness, promise you, the voices that speak and steer you to make choices that keep you on the hamster wheel, will gradually disappear and then you will have a real opportunity to make a difference in your life.

It’s your choice, either deal with your inner demons/pain/trauma (we all have them) or have the universe kick your ass again until you make a conscious decision to STOP repeating your patterns that are limiting your growth and expansion.

YOLO! (you only live once) Make it the best it can be.

Much love,


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