How to use Essential Oils for Constipation

essential oils assisting to relieve constipation natural remedies for constipation

How to use Essential Oils for Constipation

There are many reasons for constipation. It may be as simple as adding more fiber into your diet. We can become constipated from not hydrating sufficiently, medications, emotional issues, lifestyle choices, not getting enough exercise, hormonal issues and especially stress.

Long term constipation puts you at risk for problems. So, you don’t want to be consistently constipated. Obviously, it’s very unconfutable as well.

You may need to make some dietary changes.  A few easy changes or additions; taking a probiotic will help, increase Vitamin C to 1500 mgs daily, drink a lot of water and add ground flaxseed to meals. Another option is to start a detox-cleanse. Corset cleanse is a great program that targets the digestive system.

Please try NOT to use laxatives unless it’s absolutely necessary for the reason that over time your bowels can’t do their job without substance stimulation. The body is a system; it remembers, and it also forgets. So, if you are not allowing it to do its job, it will stop working that function…. “use it or lose it”.

Essential oils can assist by using a massage technique on your lower abdomen.

Before massaging area, drink a cup of hot water and add some fresh ginger root(grated).

Massage blend for constipation:

1 tbsp. sweet almond oil or another carrier oil

3 drops of Sweet Orange Essential oil

3 drops of Sandalwood Essential oil

7 drops of Patchouli essential oil

Massage around the lower abdomen in a clockwise direction. You don’t want to massage too lightly yet, not too deep where it feels uncomfortable. After completing the lower abdomen then massage around the hips and lower back. You can use this method 2 x daily.


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