Why You Should Detox-Cleanse Your Body

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Detoxification is fantastic tool in natural medicine for its simplicity, therapeutic results and best of all, you'll feel results almost immediately! Over the past several decades our environment has become increasingly more toxic. We are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals from our air, water and food supply. The accumulation of these toxins can create a toxic overload. This can threaten our health by damaging DNA and burden us by any of the common symptoms of toxicity or a combination of them such as sleep issues, digestive problems, irritability, bad breath, fatigue, constipation, headaches, itchy skin, rashes, joint pain, weight gain, and poor concentration.

For whatever reason you decide a detox is right for you; maybe you would like to jump-start weight loss, over-indulgent times of special occasions/holidays, loss of vitality and energy, or simply wish to establish healthy habits for improved long-term health. A properly working detoxification program can increase the reserve and efficiency of the liver, immune system, metabolism and other natural detox mechanisms of the body. 

We offer a unique blend of programs; targeting areas of concern as well as total body cleanses.

Unlike a juice cleanse, in order to cleanse properly, the body needs adequate amounts of protein to help remove toxins.Toxins bind to protein which helps transport toxins out of the body.  Juice Cleansing can be dangerous to people with diabetes, low blood sugar, insulin resistance, stress issues,  kidney or liver disease to name a few. You will not find a "juice cleanse" on this site. Quite honestly, the best detoxifying methods incorporate a combination of therapies. Our cleanses offer a simple, safe and effective path to improved health and vitality!

Check out our testimonial page to see what our cleansers have to say!


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