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How to use Essential Oils for Constipation

There are many reasons for constipation. It may be as simple as adding more fiber into your diet. We can become constipated from not hydrating sufficiently, medications, emotional issues, lifestyle choices, not getting enough exercise, hormonal issues and especially stress. Long term constipation puts you at risk for problems. So, you don’t want to be consistently constipated. Obviously, it’s very unconfutable as well. You may need to make some dietary changes.  A few easy changes or additions; taking a probiotic will help, increase Vitamin C to 1500 mgs daily, drink a lot of water and add ground flaxseed to meals....

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Detoxifying Lemon-Lime Pomegranate Water

detox water pomegranates

It's pomegranate season! Give your immune system that extra boost with this powerful detox fruit! pomegranate season typically runs from October through February. It's important to always remember to eat fruit in season; they're ripe, fresh, tastier and have more nutritional value. Pomegranates are an effective natural diuretic, have exceptional antioxidant powers and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of all three make this an awesome detoxifying fruit. Detoxifying Lemon-Pomegranate Water I like to take the seeds of a whole pomegranate and crush them in a glass pitcher. Then add filtered water, squeeze a lemon or add lemon slices (okay to use lime as well)....

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Natural, Effective Cold and Flu Fighting Remedy

effective cold remedy using cayenne tea to heal

My go-to drink when I feel a cold coming on is Cayenne tea. It can shorten the duration of a cold and Its also great to help move the healing process along much faster. If you’re not regularly using cayenne or your cayenne is extremely strong, you want to start out with a tiny amount; 1/8 tsp and work up to ¼ tsp. Basically, you’re going to boil a cup of water, add 1/8-1/4 tsp. cayenne, 1 tsp. honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice (approx. 1 tbsp.) It’s that simple! Sip slowly and try to not let it cool too...

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How to Use Essential Oils for Depression

Essential Oils for Depression how to use essential oils

The main symptoms of depression are sadness, hopelessness, despair and no longer having a positive interest in life’s desires. (including sex) In addition, tiredness, loss of concentration and focus, indecisiveness and memory issues. This is just to name a few… We are dealing with some tough times right now and many are concerned about the future of the United States, and the world in general. It’s not a fun way to live. But, it is our reality and it’s common to feel some depression. As human beings, we are energy in a physical body that creates energetic vibrations.  Your attitude,...

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Living in an EMF World

EMF's Electromagnetic fields EMF's in your home EMF's in your office Liivng in an EMF world Sources of EMF's Supplements for EMF

  Electromagnetic field also known as EMF, is the transmission of electrical energy through wires, radio signals and the wonder of visible light. Common Sources of EMF’s Electricity is the most common source of power throughout the earth because it is effortlessly created and transmitted to where it is needed. As electricity moves through wires and machineries, it produces EMFs. EMF’s are throughout the wiring systems of homes, offices, schools, factories as well as many other buildings. Also, the appliances and electrical paraphernalia connected to these wiring systems produce EMF’s. Basically, we are surrounded by EMF’s! EMF’s in your office Computers,...

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