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Hormonal Imbalances can keep you from your weight loss goals.

A hormonal imbalance can make weight loss efforts futile. For example, you workout every day, at the end of your session the elliptical machine says you burned 250 calories. You cannot just look at the amount of calories you eat or burn because that doesn't take into account where did those calories come from? Did you burn fat, carbohydrates or protein? If you weren't burning fat, you could have easily burned those calories from the breakdown of lean muscle or from carbohydrates; either way it may have not been from stored fat. It’s about your metabolism and how it is functioning.  How can you tell what you are burning?

You are not burning fat if you have: 

  • hard time staying asleep,
  • cravings
  • low blood sugar
  • mid-morning and mid afternoon slumps
  • focus problems

So, if you are looking at this list and saying, yes, that’s me! This is a sign that your metabolism is not functioning optimally. The metabolism was intended to burn fat for energy.  Your hormones that control your metabolism are forcing your body to burn carbs and protein for energy and that will cause fatigue, and lots of it!  If you burn the right fuel you will get twice as much energy then when you burn carbs and protein.

If you would like to lose weight and really keep it off, BALANCE YOUR HORMONES! 

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