Detox your stress

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 Detox your stress 

So, it’s nothing new that most of us are under extreme amounts of stress every day. It can consume you. I know that I'm constantly checking myself to insure that I am doing all I can for my body not allowing stress to take over. But, let’s face it; we all experience it at one point or another- Most of us on a daily basis. For me, living in Los Angeles and waiting in a parking lot called "the freeway" is always an act of patience and can most definitely stress anyone out.

We're simply not wired to constantly be in the mode where you feel like you're being chased by a saber tooth tiger all the time.  Something has to give and usually it’s your health.  With that said, stress activates your body to release specific hormones into your system. This is great if you're an athlete since this release is a rush of adrenaline.  However, the constant release of these hormones, from the constant stress in your life, creates toxins that slow down detoxification in the liver and in turn slows down all of your other systems including your metabolism. 

Our Catwalk Cleanse and Aster Detox focus on the liver to support and regenerate it.  And, our DNA Detox builds your immune system which will decrease stress so your systems will run more efficiently providing more energy to burn fat faster!

So, for all you stress monsters out there, we recommend a detox cleanse!

To your health,

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