Get Beach Ready with the DNA detox!

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Get Beach Ready!

Our newest cleanse, the DNA Detox will help you get beach ready. Feel less bloated, lose weight, flush toxins and revitalize your skin! The DNA Detox helps to create more youthful, smoother skin and softer, shinier hair. It's available as a 7 day program and a 14 day program. What's really cool about this cleanse is that it addresses the needs of the smallest units of human life-your cells! 

Our DNA is deep inside each skin cell and controls the cells function. DNA damage is a direct link to skin cancer and premature aging. Once your DNA is damaged, the skin cells lose their ability to perform their essential roles. Damaged cells continue to duplicate continually over years. This type of damage will begin to accumulate and speed up the aging process of your skin known as free radical damage.  

An important note! As you may already know there are no preservative in our products. However, there are now perishable items too. So be sure you are ready to start your cleanse when you place your order! 

The Aster Elliott Team

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