What Your Nails Have to Say About Your Health

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Your body is talking are you listening| What Your Nails Have to Say About Your Health

Your body is always talking to you, are you listening?

Changes in nails can indicate a number of conditions related to different areas of the body. These changes may be a precursor to a medical condition/illness.

1) Brittle nails indicate potential iron deficiency, thyroid problems, weakened kidney function and circulations problems.

2) Dark nails (bluish or bluish-black) thin and/or flat with a spoon shape may indicate a B12 deficiency or anemia.

3) Deep bluish nail bed may be a sign of asthma or emphysema

4) If nails have a downward curve, this may mean heart disease or related to liver and respiratory illness.

5) If nails are greenish in color, this may point toward an internal bacterial infection. However, one must rule out a localized fungal infection.

6) If the nail is half-white and there is dark spot at the tip, may be connected to kidney infection.

7) If there are bumps on the surface of the nail, could be an indication of rheumatoid arthritis.

8) In the case where nails are chipping, breaking or cracking easy, usually this is a sign of protein or mineral deficiency such as vitamin D, calcium and iron.

9) If there are ridges in the nails that appear vertically, this would indicate poor nutrient absorption/function.

10) If there are ridges and they appear horizontally, this can happen as an effect from deep stress both physically and emotionally, possibly caused by infection or illness.

What Your Nails Have to Say About Your Health11) Wide nails and squared could be related to a hormonal condition.

12) If the white-moon area of the nails turns red, this may be a sign of heart disease.

13) If the white-moon area turns grey-blue this may be a sign of heavy metal poison.

14) If nails are yellow and elevated at the tip, this may indicate issues with lymphatic system, diabetes and liver problems.

15) Soft, brittle and shiny nails may be a sign of adrenal problems, vitamin C deficiency and overall poor nutrition. May also indicate hyperthyroidism.

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