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Part of living a detox lifestyle is to live authentically at the risk of others not approving.

Carl Jung said “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

How do you become who you truly are if you’re not connecting with your inner self? How do you raise a family and expect your children to become who they truly are if you haven’t connected with your true self?  Its betraying to your heart if you’re not being real, honest and vulnerable. If you have children, they will start to emulate these actions and behaviors.

If you’re not living authentically some time ago you made that decision and its become your identity.  You may have suffered from an abusive childhood most likely due to your parents enduring the same; persecution, alienation and programming. As a result, your brain holds tight to this identity. If your identity doesn’t resonate with your soul purpose you may not be connecting with your co-pilot; inner guidance system, making it much more difficult to navigate through life without this connection.

Society can drive you in a direction where you’re not living authentically, not to blame other people yet, there’s a desire to be accepted; preoccupied with the outer world and neglecting the inner world. You want to be acknowledged, impress, have fear of not being socially accepted. Again, this becomes your identity and lose sight of your authentic self; lost in this abyss, operating unconsciously, similar to an auto pilot switch further suppressing that inner voice.  If not completely addressed as a whole, this inner and outer incompatibility, will affect you emotionally and physically.

If how you feel inside is not what you portray on the outside, you’re not living an authentic life.  Over time, can manifest in physical and emotional conditions, illness and disease.

Anxiety, depression, anger, fear, addictions of any kind, lack of enthusiasm, all stems from not connecting with your true self. I spent many years lost in this space. It didn’t serve me in a positive manner at all. I chose to ignore and avoid. As a result of not honoring my true self, was living in a state of ongoing anxiety and stress which ultimately made me emotionally and physically ill and damaged family relationships, friendships and business relationships. 

Break The Cycle

If you become more mindful of your actions, thoughts and behaviors you can start to see your patterns and slowly break them. Energy is always flowing, if you’re not feeling happiness, peace and fulfillment, energy can devour you and turn your life upside down. On the other hand, if you are connecting with your inner guidance system, the energy will flow through you and guide you in a positive manner, instead of detrimentally consuming you. That’s not to say you won’t ever go through difficult times in life, however, if you have a stronger foundation, life’s stressors will be easier to manage.

Authenticity is to accept who you are on the inside and let it shine through your outer self. It’s being true to yourself, not conjured from conditioning, others projections or being enticed by money and power.

The following are some tools/rituals that help me on a daily basis to stay connected with my inner guidance system: 

Meditate- even if it’s for a few minutes each day, in the shower it doesn’t matter as long as you are in the moment. This is one way to turn off the many negative thoughts that try to limit your growth and expansion. I use this technique every time I shower, clear my head from any thoughts and honestly, 9 out of 10 times I’ll get out of the shower and have some kind of creative positive thought or a solution regarding specific area in my life.  

Journal- Take a few minutes each day to put thoughts down on paper. In the morning when you wake or before you go to sleep at night. There seems to be less static or energy in the early morning hours and late at night making it easier to gather thoughts and get them out. it’s easier to change your perception when you write down what you truly feel on the inside.

Read- Try to read as much as possible. Reading exercises the mind. It opens gates to creativity and imagination. You become stronger in knowledge and that cultivates confidence. Self-confidence derives feelings of well-being and increased self-esteem.

Tune out TV and any Negative Media it serves no positive purpose. Negative media, more toxins! Too many toxins in your life makes it much more difficult to change your vibration to a higher frequency.

Exercise- Run, walk, stretch. Just move. Movement is life. It keeps you in the moment. “it’s all about where you mind is at”-Kelly Slater

Express Gratitude Every Day. There is great power behind gratitude, it’s definitely a gift. Gratitude can help us to heal.  It can be as simple as being thankful for having shoes on your feet, your favorite music available to lift your mood or grateful for a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

Spend Time in Nature- being in nature shifts your attention from the voices in our head/ego to the beauty and symphony of natural surroundings and how everything is connected; an intelligent purpose for everything.

Get a Daily Inspirational Perpetual Calendar It’s a good way to get your mind in the right place first thing in the morning. Whatever the message is for the day use it as a positive source for being mindful of your thoughts, actions and behaviors.  

Eat Clean and Whole stay away from processed food, especially sugar. Eat organic! The more toxins, more difficult it will be to find harmony, energy and balance. If needed, start with a detox-cleanse to kick start healthy eating and a healthier routine.

True potential begins when you are in alignment with your authentic self.  

John Keats said “beauty is truth, truth beauty”.   


Much love,







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