7 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

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Aster Elliott 7 reasons to avoid processed food

Chemicals found in processed foods can have a harmful effect on our health. I’m not just referring to physical health; includes mental/emotional health.

We can’t process chemical additives and then use them as nutrients. Consequently, these chemicals get absorbed for an unknown period of time. They slow down the digestive process, add toxins to your bodies and cause weight gain!

7 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

  • Toxic Additives -These damaging chemical additives are added to foods to keep them “fresh” for a longer shelf life. They’re also added to enhance color and to improve taste (which is why you crave more).
  • Hidden Danger- Processed foods contain hidden sugar, bad fats and too much salt. All of these contribute to health problems
  • Bye-Bye Taste Buds- Processed foods have chemical “flavor enhancers’. When we eat processed food, the fake flavor is enticing so we crave more, this dulls our taste buds making it more difficult to eat healthy, natural food for the reason that it tastes bland when compared to the chemical injected flavor enhancers in processed food.  
  • Zero Nutritional Value- We get next to nothing of what our body needs to functional optimally. Since processing takes most of the nutrients out of foods.
  • Enriched with Synthetics- To compensate for the loss of nutrients during processing, synthetic compounds are added. Again, our bodies are not intended to process synthetic nutrients. for example, “enriched flour” found in numerous products. Wheat is stripped of all its natural nutrients and then synthetic compounds are added calling it “enriched”.
  • Incorrect Market- When we buy processed foods we stimulate growth in this market. When we spend money on natural organic foods, this motivates others to enter the organic marketplace and brings costs down for natural and organic foods.
  • $$$- While fruits and vegetables often seem to be expensive, they often cost less than processed foods.

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