Can You Feel It? Change Is Coming!

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full solar eclipse change is coming

Well, we are officially in eclipse season! WOW, is all I can say. The energy is intense!! Can you feel it? The first eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse on August 7, and then its countdown to August 21, where we will experience a full solar eclipse that will sweep across the continental united states for the first time in decades.

You know what I love about eclipses, they are reminders that we are constantly in motion. Things are always changing; like it or not.

If you’re an astrology enthusiast then you’ve been anticipating the changes that are going to occur this month.

As we get closer to the solar eclipse things are really going to heat up !😉 We need to be extremely mindful of our actions, thoughts and behaviors. It’s this type of energy that’s going to bring MAJOR life changes (in positive manner) However, getting there may be quite challenging.

To acknowledge the beginning of the eclipse season and to lend a helping hand, I’d like to offer you 40% off Heavenly Body Cleanse!

Heavenly Body is the best cleanse that I can recommend during this time. We must cleanse our mind, body and soul to assist us saying goodbye to the things we cannot fix, and to what is no longer serving us in a positive manner. This is also going to help us appreciate and recognize lessons learned.

Cleansing your mind, body and soul, will support and make room for welcoming with opens arms all the new and exciting changes that are ahead of us this month. 

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, the discount code is: HBC2017

Offer ends August 21, 2017 @ midnight

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