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Want to Be Happier?

Live Your Highest Good by Getting Rid of the Layers of Sludge "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." Carl Jung Stay Tuned... online workshop coming soon! If this interests you, join my email list and you’ll be notified when this workshop is available. Much love, Aster    

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How to Forgive Someone Who Betrayed You

Betrayal forgiveness holding a grudge and weight gain How to forgive hurt and resentment

Part of Living a Detox Lifestyle is to Forgive How do you forgive when you believe someone did you wrong? How do you forgive your spouse, boss, coworker, friends and family when they wronged you and you’re feeling pain, anger, hurt and resentment?  Deep betrayal cuts to your core. The kind where literally your heart hurts and body aches because it’s so painful. Shocked by the level of disloyalty, trying to make sense out of it, why? Why did they do this to me?  What did I do that caused this person or people to hurt me so badly? It wasn’t ever...

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7 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

avoid processed food hidden sugar junk food and illness toxic additives weight gain and processed food

Chemicals found in processed foods can have a harmful effect on our health. I’m not just referring to physical health; includes mental/emotional health. We can’t process chemical additives and then use them as nutrients. Consequently, these chemicals get absorbed for an unknown period of time. They slow down the digestive process, add toxins to your bodies and cause weight gain! 7 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods Toxic Additives -These damaging chemical additives are added to foods to keep them “fresh” for a longer shelf life. They’re also added to enhance color and to improve taste (which is why you crave more). Hidden...

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How We Know What's Truly Real - Authenticity

anxiety authenticity connecting with inner self fear how to rid stress and anxiety life purpose mindfulness

Part of living a detox lifestyle is to live authentically at the risk of others not approving. Carl Jung said “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” How do you become who you truly are if you’re not connecting with your inner self? How do you raise a family and expect your children to become who they truly are if you haven’t connected with your true self?  Its betraying to your heart if you’re not being real, honest and vulnerable. If you have children, they will start to emulate these actions and behaviors. If you’re not...

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What Your Nails Have to Say About Your Health

brittle nails fingernail analysis lunulae nail nail cuticles nail dips nail fungus nail reading red bands on nails soft nails spots on nails vertical ridges on nails white spots on nails

Your body is always talking to you, are you listening? Changes in nails can indicate a number of conditions related to different areas of the body. These changes may be a precursor to a medical condition/illness. 1) Brittle nails indicate potential iron deficiency, thyroid problems, weakened kidney function and circulations problems. 2) Dark nails (bluish or bluish-black) thin and/or flat with a spoon shape may indicate a B12 deficiency or anemia. 3) Deep bluish nail bed may be a sign of asthma or emphysema 4) If nails have a downward curve, this may mean heart disease or related to liver and...

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